ngel.Miss Rose! An

bjec▓t.He had barely hoped to establ▓ish some sort of an entrée to the school.That● the Miss Kittie whose name he had ●selected at random from the cata

d she fl▓ew up to

logue● should be so pretty, so funnil●y absurd, so unusually entertai▓ning, was pure gratuity on the part of Fate.▓ And what a daringly reckless child it was! Mo▓d

her room, while L

est as Lyon was, he couldn't help recogn▓izing that it was luck for Kittie as well as fo●r himself that it was he and ●not some one else who had been

yon devote▓d hims

admitt▓ed so confidently to this fascinating ●intimacy.A dawning sense of responsibility f▓or this irresponsible new cousin made him ●defer the real object of hi

elf to Miss Rose s

s inquiry to e▓xtend the field of his acquaintance with K●ittie herself. How long have you been at▓ school here.Kittie I c▓ame last September.Why Oh, I t

o successfully tha

hink I ough●t to know.Do you like it Oh, it's ra▓ther good fun, she said, cheerf▓ully.We have lots of spreads in our rooms ●and Miss Elliott has rules a▓bout

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    everything, and that kee

    ps us▓ busy.Rules always make

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    me want to go rig●ht t

    o work to break them, just to

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    see if● I can. And c

    an you he asked, wit▓h intere


st. She looked demure.Oh, ma●ybe there might be some that I don't kno▓w about yet that I couldn't break. Wha●t are some of

  • t s▓he looked upon young men as a class ▓more hopefully
  • from that hour. Now, Cou▓sin Kittie, said Lyon, as s
  • oon as they ●were outside. You needn't k

the rules of the school That● was a point on which he particularly wi●shed to post himself. Oh●, everything.Miss Elliott won't

ever let me ▓go out walking with

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you like● this again.Miss Rose is a new teacher.She▓ has just come, and she didn't know. But I▓ may come and see you Only on Wednesda▓ys.But that will be quite exciting▓.There are very few girls who have some one co▓me to see them every Wednesday.But ma●ybe some Wednesdays you will▓ be busy she added politely.Of ●course, if you are busy, I shouldn't ex▓pect you to come.Some of the girls so●metimes have flowers sent

to t▓hem. I'm glad that's allo●wed, said Lyon, with an inward smile.He was▓ trying mentally to figure out how he was going ▓to keep in touch with Mrs.Brought▓on's condition if he was only allowed t●o visit the school once a week.That would no▓t suit him at all.There was now on▓ly a week or eight days before● the meeting of the Grand Jury, and if Mrs●.Broughton's infor

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mation was g●oing to do any good at all, they mu▓st have it very soon.He must try ▓to draw Kittie into his scheme at once, whi▓le he had this opportunity. K●itt

ie, I want you to help me out about something●.There is a lady visiting Miss Elliott--▓ Oh, do you know her ▓I know who she is.And I have met▓ her once. Is

n't she perfectly b●eautiful I should rather be● like her than anyone else in the world●. Lyon smiled inscrutably, but his tongu●e was discreet if his eyes were not always.B▓ut instead of explaining to Kittie that Mr●s.Broughton, beautiful as she was, could

nev●er hope to be as delightful as Miss Tayntor●, he held himself strictly to the matter i▓n hand. Mrs.Broughton is very ill, and Dr.▓ Barry says th

at I must not dis▓turb her by talking business.Now, it is v●ery urgent that I should have a chanc●e to talk business with her as so▓on as she is able to stand it,--at

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